Source: Xinhua

05-05-2009 12:14

Special Report:   Tech Max

BEIJING, May 4 (Xinhua) -- Those put into quarantine by Chinese authorities after allegedly coming into close contact with the A/H1N1 virus had been well treated and showed no flu symptoms as of Monday noon in Beijing, Shanghai and Liaoning Province, local officials said Monday afternoon.

The 20 quarantined in Beijing including 10 Mexicans, had been well served under medical observation, said Deng Xiaohong, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau.

Chen said all these people had close contact with A/H1N1 flu virus and had been quarantined over the weekend.

They had been put in the best rooms and flowers and fruits had been sent to their rooms every day, Deng said.

Food was served in their rooms and the menus had been made in both Chinese and English. Western-style chefs had been sent for the Mexicans, Deng said.

The building's air-conditioning had been turned off to avoid the possibility of the virus spreading while electric fans had been offered as the temperature in Beijing is rising, she said.

"A Mexican family with five members were transferred to a suite of rooms, including a double bed for the couple," Deng said. A Mexican child had been given gifts including a Barbie doll and puzzles. Computers and DVD players with English systems had been offered.

"The Mexicans said they were grateful for our work. They said they feel it was understandable to be quarantined as it was a necessary method to avoid the spread of virus." Deng said.

In Shanghai, the 69 people aboard the same flight with a Mexican A/H1N1 patient had been quarantined in a four-star hotel with a sea view, said Chen Xiaoling, director of the Center of Disease Control in Nanhui District, Shanghai.

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