Source: Xinhua

04-22-2009 10:11

Special Report:   Tech Max

BEIJING, April 21 (Xinhuanet) -- Germany's high-concept industrial design firm Pilotfish announced Monday it was soon going to launch an advanced musical mobile phone.

Germany's high-concept industrial design firm Pilotfish announced Monday it was soon going to launch an advanced musical mobile phone.
Germany's high-concept industrial design firm Pilotfish announced
Monday it was soon going to launch an advanced musical mobile phone.

Pilotifish said the new phone--which will hit the stands in a few years--will feature three detachable "sticks", each with its own OLED screen, internal flash memory, microphone and power supply. Together, they form the main touch display of the phone. When detached from the chassis, each can be clipped onto musical instruments or a person to capture audio streams.

Umur Sener, industrial designer for the phone said: "We are doing a concept to show what's the next step for mobile phones and what it can be in the near future. We are not just talking about 20 years, but more like two to five years."

Pilotfirm will initially target music enthusiasts and amateur musicians, but also sees wider appeal for the phone.

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