02-16-2007 12:53

In China, people have a custom to stay up at the New Year's Eve till midnight, and then the well-prepared food, Jiaozi in Chinese, or the so-called dumpling, is served as soon as it is cooked in the boiling water.

Jiaozi is perhaps the most especial food in people's life. First, it is served at a particular time, right after the midnight. Second, it is served barely with only some garlic-soy sauce. Third, usually a coin is hidden in one of the dumplings. The person who find or bite the coin will be the luckiest one in the New Year.

But that has been tested to work even more efficiently on breaking away the poor teeth of an old man. Here is a story about a grandpa. He was once lucky enough to bite the coin in one of the dumplings. The moment he became the lucky winner, the only tooth he had said good-bye to him. Perhaps he had no pity despite that for he was supposed to be the luckiest one that year in his family. Nevertheless, it has been the custom to have dumplings for the breakfast at the New Year's Day.