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Female soldier put off wedding day for navy escort mission

2010-01-27 14:38 BJT

Special Report: China navy's escorting mission |

This is the third time Hu Yun has had to delay her wedding day. The first time was to take part in the "High Mountain and Sea-Island Team" to service the grass roots, the second time was to participate in a rehearsal for a performance; this time, she and her fiancé had planned to hold their wedding on October 6, 2009 and they had sent their invitation cards to their relatives and friends. Because she chose to go to sea with the scort convoy, the marriage ceremony had to be delayed once again. She said jokingly, "It has been so difficult to marry myself off."

Hu Yun is a lieutenant in charge of recreational activities at the Logistics Department of the Zhoushan Naval Base. She works as an announcer for a broadcast program called "Voice of Bluedon" and simultaneously performs the role of actress and anchor on the amateur performances.

Hu Yun

Hu was born into a navy family and her father was a couch of senior colonels and the captain of a destroyer fleet before retiring from military service. This mission is also an opportunity for Hu to experience the life of her father, who commanded a ship that visited Russia along the same shipping lane.

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Chinese navy soldiers celebrate 1st anniversary of fleet's escort mission in Gulf of Aden
Chinese navy soldiers celebrate 1st anniversary of fleet's escort mission in Gulf of Aden

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Navy medics safegard sailors' health for escort mission
Navy medics safegard sailors' health for escort mission

"Dear comrades-in-arms, now the 'Voice of Blueton' begins……"every night after the supper, Hu's sweet voice is heard over the air and is spread over every corner of the warship. There are many colorful sections in the program, such as, "news flashes about convoy," "spindrift words from the heart," "song request," "the weekly star" and "talking about the proverbs," and also some programs answering questions such as "the reform of the sergeant system" and other topics in which people are interested. Gradually, listening to the "Voice of Bluedon" has become a daily ritual for the officers and soldiers as well as a cure for the fatigue. Sometimes when people are talking about fresh news, they will naturally think of Hu and say, "Come on, I hope Hu will broadcast this news over the air." Especially when there is some joyous occasion happens, such as a soldier's wife gives birth to a baby, they will write down some witty and humorous words to ask Hu to broadcast the news over the air so everybody on the warship can share in the joy and happiness.

Shortly after setting sail, the warship met with the stormy waves and rocked heavily, Hu also began to feed the fishes. In those days, she even could not eat and sleep well, let alone broadcast the program. She was in the state of dizziness all day and vomited over and over. One day, when she went to get a newspaper, she found a soldier bending over the equipment platform and a trashcan was put before him. It seemed that he was also seasick. The soldier said, "Even when we vomit, we cannot leave our position. I will continue to work after bending over and vomiting for a while." Seeing him, Hu could not help blushing. "The broadcast cannot be stopped. I must fulfill my duty even if I vomit." Therefore, her sweet voice spread over the air once again. Different from last time, there was now a trashcan before her. She clenched her teeth and kept on broadcasting. Some thoughtful officers and soldiers sensed her voice quaver slightly.