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Navy medics safegard sailors' health for escort mission

2009-12-03 16:03 BJT

Nurse Shao Xiaoqin (front left) and deputy physician Sheng Ruifang (front right) on the ship "Zhoushan", part of the Chinese navy third escort formation, at a China-Russia joint naval escort ceremony held in the Gulf of Aden on September 10.
Nurse Shao Xiaoqin (front left) and deputy physician Sheng Ruifang (front right)
 on the ship "Zhoushan", part of the Chinese navy third escort formation, at a 
China-Russia joint naval ceremony held in the Gulf of Aden on September 10. On 
November 29, the two guided missile frigates "Zhoushan" and "Xuzhou" of the 
Chinese navy third escort formation officially bid farewell to Gulf of Aden 
and embarked on a return voyage to the motherland. Seven female soldiers on the 
escort formation expedition returned home with the ship.During the 4-month escort,
they provided reliable medical care to safeguard the health of escorting officers
and men, who affectionately call them "patron saints" of health.

On November 29, the two guided missile frigates "Zhoushan" and "Xuzhou" of the Chinese navy third escort formation officially bid farewell to Gulf of Aden and embarked on a return voyage to the motherland. Seven female soldiers on the escort formation expedition returned home with the ship.
On November 29, nurse Xiang Jiaorong prepares an IV drip for a sick navy soldier
on the ship "Zhoushan" of the Chinese navy third escort formation.