03-02-2009 14:34

Members of the NPC Standing Committee have started to discuss the fourth version of the draft law on Food Safety. So far, most have shown approval.

The discussion focused mainly on the details of the articles.

Some members stressed that TV commercials should be separately mentioned in the articles concerning the media's responsibility.

Members of ethnic minorities said the law should make sure their dietary restrictions are protected in public eating places and the food production system.

Most members agree the latest version is much clearer in distinguishing the responsibilities of the monitoring organizations, the food producers, and the media.

Zhang Xingkai, NPC Standing Committee member, said, "The risk evaluation on food safety is one of the strongpoints of the draft. And the source tracking of food products prescribed in the draft makes it possible for complete monitoring in food processing."

Members emphasize the law concerns every citizen, and implementation requires efforts from the entire society.

Xin Chunying, also a NPC NPC Standing Committee member, said, "Everyone needs to eat every day. This is really a big issue. Whenever your interests are hurt, you ought to exercise your right according to the law. Besides the protection of a good legal system, every citizen should be aware of food safety."

Members will vote on the draft at the end of the session.


Editor:Qin Yongjing