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08-24-2008 21:24

Synopsis: The holy flame embodies man's noble spirit of trying to pursue and build friendship together.

1). The athlete on the boarding ladder looks at the burning holy flame in the distance, and slowly folds painting scroll. The holy flame of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is slowly extinguished…

2). As the holy fame is extinguished, a huge "holy flame" is lighted at he center of the field (396 "memory tower" performers simulate the flame with their bodies).

The "holy flame" on the "memory tower" is flowing with ever-changing scenes, expressing man's Olympic spirit of "Citius, Altius, Fortius."

3). The torch lights in the hands of the marshals and over 90,000 audience are turned on at the same time, implying that the holy flame will be in our hearts forever.

4). In the passionate far-reaching music, 16 lucky cloud yarn strips slowly rise along the "memory tower" on the Main Stage.

5). The top ends of the lucky cloud yarn strips extend towards the sky and change into a lucky could tree symbolizing friendship and joy.

6). Fireworks burst passionately.

Sacred flame extinguished (Photo credit: Xinhua)
Sacred flame extinguished (Photo credit: Xinhua)

(The "memory tower" consisting of five parts rises from a pit in the earth, the diameter of the bottom being 20 meters. Elevated by a hydraulic device, it can reach a maximum height of 23 meters.After the holy flame of this Olympic Games is extinguished, 396 "holy flame" performers climb up the "memory tower" in powerful music and display all kinds of difficult performances of human body and behavior in the unprecedented all-directional and three-dimensional performance space. The whole "memory tower" is miraculously transformed into a huge "holy flame", which will burn and never be extinguished in people's hearts…

This performance is the highlight of the whole ceremony. By means of brand new performance space and original form of body performance, the whole "memory tower" is miraculously transformed into "a holy Olympic flame burning forever". It conveys to the whole world the Olympic spirit of man's pursuit of "Citius, Altius, Fortius", which is not only high praise to the spirit of the athletes who strive to excel unremittingly during this Olympic Games, but also people's splendid interpretation of the most precious memories of this Olympic Games!)

Sacred flame extinguished (Photo credit: Xinhua)
Sacred flame extinguished


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