Test Knowledge about Space Exploration

Take part in our interactive quizzes! The quiz results on space exploration will be discussed on air. So please keep watching our special coverage of China´s first ever spacewalk from Spetember 25 to 28.

Group A

. What is the purpose of developing manned spaceflights?
Control of space
Promoting science and technology
Searching for unknown life forms
2. Which of these Chinese spaceships has an airlock module?
Shenzhou Ⅴ
Shenzhou Ⅵ
Shenzhou Ⅶ
3. What kind of spacecraft can provide long-term living facilities for humans?
Space shuttle
Space station
4. Which of the following can be reused?
Space shuttle
5. What kind of spaceship has been launched into space the most times?
Russian “Soyuz”
American “Apollo”
Chinese “Shenzhou”
6. What kind of manned spacecraft will be retired in 2012?
Spaceship “Soyuz”
Space shuttle
Spaceship “Shenzhou”
7. Who can send astronauts into space and bring them back independently?
China, USA and Russia
ESA, Japan and India
Brazil, France and Britain
1. Who was the first man in space?
Yuri Gagarin, USSR
Alan Shepard, USA
Neil Armstrong, USA
2. Which country was the first on the moon?
3. How long have humans been using spaceflight to explore the universe?
50 years
100 years
200 years
4. Can the astronauts hear each other in the spaceship?
5. After the astronauts acclimate to the zero gravity in the spaceship, is their hearts beat the same times as it is on earth?
6. Which writing tool do astronauts use in space?

Group C

1. What is the weight of the spacesuit used for the spacewalk?

60 kilograms
90 kilograms
120 kilograms
2. Where do the astronauts put on their spacesuits?
In the re-entry capsule
In the propulsive vehicle
In the airlock module
3. How many astronauts will leave the capsule when the spacecraft goes into orbit?
4. What makes Shenzhou VII different from Shenzhou V and VI?
The re-entry capsule
The airlock module
The propulsive vehicle
5. What is the main function of the airlock module in the first spacewalk mission of China?
Carrying out scientific experiments in weightless conditions
Balancing the air pressure between space and the spacecraft
Stocking food and other crucial supplies for the astronauts

Group D

. How hot will Shenzhou VII be on re-entry through the aerosphere?

500-600 degrees Celsius
1000-1500 degrees Celsius
2000-3000 degrees Celsius
2. Where will the re-entry capsule fall on Earth?
In Gansu province of China
InInner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China
In Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China
3. What is the maximum force Chinese astronauts are exposed to in their training on Earth?
4 G
8 G
12 G
4. Which position will the astronauts be in when the re-entry capsule returns to Earth?
Standing still inside the capsule
Sitting down on chairs
Curling up in the capsule
5. How much money will a seven-day tourist trip in space cost?
US $10,000
US $10,000,000
US $20,000,000