02-14-2009 12:25

Senegal, officially called the Republic of Senegal, is located in the west of Africa and borders the Atlantic Ocean. It covers an area of almost 197-thousand square kilometers, with an estimated population of around 124 million. The capital city of Senegal is Dakar. French is the official language. The country declared independence in 1960.

70 percent of Senegalese residents live in rural areas. Its major farming produce includes cotton and peanut. Senegal also has rich fishing resources. The fishing and tourism industries are the backbone of the country's economy.

China and Senegal established diplomatic relations in 1971 but suspended the relations in 1996 due to the Taiwan issue. The two countries resumed diplomatic ties in October 2005, after signing a communique recognizing that there is only one legitimate government of the People's Republic of China and Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory.


Editor:Liu Anqi