02-13-2009 11:53

Mali, officially the Republic of Mali, is in Western Africa. Covering more than 1.24 million square kilometers, Mali is the seventh largest country in Africa. Its population is estimated to be almost 12 million. Its capital is Bamako.

Mali is a multinational country, it is the origin for Western Africa culture. The republic declared independence on September the 22nd, 1960. The country's economy centers around agriculture, with a reputation as a grain storage area in Western Africa. Rural residents account for around 80 percent of Mali's population.

China and Mali established diplomatic relations on October the 25th, 1960. Since then, the two countries have built up political trust and support towards each other. The bilateral trade volume between China and Mali reached 230 million US dollars in 2008, up more than 40 percent than the previous year.


Editor:Liu Anqi