Source: CRI

10-22-2007 17:37

Chinese goddess Chang'e and her pet rabbit go to the moon by satellite in this newly-released cartoon, celebrating the upcoming launch of China's first lunar satellite, the Chang'e-I, later this month. [Photo: Xinhua]

The cartoon "Chang'e Goes to the Moon" was released on Wednesday to celebrate the upcoming launch of the Chang'e-I, China's first lunar satellite, next week.

The cartoon, released by Xinhua News Agency, shows Chang'e and her pet rabbit riding the satellite to the moon. Chang-e is the goddess of the moon in traditional Chinese legend.

The cartoon shows the belief that the lunar satellite will fly to the moon gracefully, just like Chang'e in the legend. The satellite was named after the goddess for this reason.

Preparations for the launch of the lunar satellite are going smoothly, says Zhang Qingwei, director of China's Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense.

Zhang adds that the upcoming launch of China's lunar satellite will be China's third historic landmark in its space exploration program, following China's first satellite launch in 1970 and its first manned space flight in 2003.


Editor:Liu Fang