10-20-2007 11:25

China's Lunar Exploration Program is subordinate to and serves for the strategy of revitalizing China through science, technology and education and the strategy of sustainable development. The purpose of the program is to meet the needs of the progresses of science, technology, politics, economy and society, with the needs of promoting scientific and technological progress as the priority.

The lunar exploration is a large scientific exploration program involving high investment and high risk but with high return. The program should adhere to the principle of “focusing on certain tasks while putting others aside", select and focus on limited and important objectives and make breakthroughs in key areas, thus laying solid foundation for further deep space exploration.

Although China's Lunar Exploration Program started late, it has a high start-point utilizing the existing exploration results, experiences and lessons gained by other countries in their lunar exploration activities. China optimizes the exploration objectives and the technology implementation methods with advancement and innovation to a certain degree. China's Lunar Exploration Program has its own features, and will contribute a lot for international lunar exploration.

Based on independence and self-innovation, China would like to expand multi-level and multi-channel international exchanges and cooperation in lunar exploration. From academic exchanges, co-research to co-development, we hope to gradually improve cooperation level and scale and achieve more results with less investment.


Editor:Liu Fang