10-20-2007 11:21

The engineering objectives: to develop and launch China's first lunar exploration satellite; to preliminarily master the basic technologies for lunar orbiting exploration; to initiate lunar scientific exploration for the first time; to initially establish lunar exploration engineering system; to accumulate experiences for follow-on projects of lunar exploration.

The scientific objectives: to obtain three-dimensional images of the lunar surface, precisely ascertain the basic structures and physiognomy of the lunar surface, initially work out the sketch map of the lunar geology and structural elements to provide information for the follow-on soft landing; to detect and analyze the content and distribution of useful elements and types of materials on the lunar surface and initially sketch a map of elements distribution around the moon; to detect the characteristics of lunar soil and calculate the depth of lunar soil on the surface; to explore the space environment between the earth and the moon, record initial solar wind data and study the effect of solar activities on earth-moon space environment.


Editor:Liu Fang