08-10-2006 15:33

Today we would drive a little further into Tibet with hopes that this gradual progression would help us adjust to the altitude. With much emphasis on the environmental issues surrounding the construction of the railway, I was happy to see my first herd of Tibetan antelope grazing along the side of the railway. Looking very similar to Canadian deer with the little white tails sticking up from behind, the seemed content in their environment, I guess the 2 billion yuan set aside for environmental protection was put to good use. I'm happy to see it.

The road up ahead led us to the longest bridge built along the railway covering 11.7 kilometers long. Situated across vast grassy plains I was reminded of my childhood growing up in Saskatchewan, Canada. The sky is so open and impressionable in the plains. It seems like you can look forever and see what is coming in your near future. As I looked west I saw dark clouds preparing to release their moisture to the earth, to the east I found even more rain clouds hovering low over the land. Fortunately where I was there was sunshine. I was a little out of breath up here, about 4300 meters, but playing in the field was fun. Being surrounded by nature always brings out the best in people.

After about 7 hours of driving through the rain clouds I had just seen, the little noodle place across from our hotel in Golmud was comforting. Simplicity just seemed the most natural way and all of us were tired. Tomorrow we are to begin our long journey to Lhasa. After my belly was content, I sat upon the small stairs of the restaurant. Looking around I see the little old woman carrying her large blue thermos of hot water for her tea that evening. Young boys rode past on a bike yelling hello to me to practice their English. The old man rushed as best he could to keep up to his young granddaughter on their early evening stroll. Life was simple. Life was pure. I did't miss the crazy streets of Beijing at all. Home to the hotel sleep I went, I was tired.


Editor:Ge Ting