08-10-2006 15:33

The next morning we woke up ready to see some of Tibet. Due to accommodations being poor in most of Tibet, we would drive to our destination then return back to golmud. I was fine with this; I didn't really want to have to sleep with Yak blankets anyway. Our first drive out showed us a glimpse of what was to come as we drove through vast plains exposing blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds. These vast plains turned into rocky mountains covered with light brown sand along the bottom. Heading up along the highway we came to our destination. We were situated 3700 meters above sea level at the tallest bridge built along the railway standing 54 meters high. I reported upon the difficulties for construction that I had yet to fully understand. The air was a little light and I could feel my chest heaving more than normal. No headache or brain swelling yet from altitude sickness, I think I may be ok.

After reporting down below the bridge we ventured up on top. Here we found the first railway workers I would see of many who dedicated so much of themselves to the project. Their faces held smiles while the lines in their face proved the harsh climate they were so often exposed to. The security man asked for our identification as it was probably the most exciting thing he would do for the day. No one was around. No one ever came to visit. Life along the railway was quiet. The sun would be going down soon and we had ventured about four hours drive away from the comfort of our hotel in Golmud. Happy to get a glimpse of the mystery of the high Tibetan lands, my dreams that night were peaceful.


Editor:Ge Ting