07-30-2007 10:05

More than a million people have travelled on the Qinghai-Tibet railway. But there is concern that the large numbers of visitors will dilute Tibetan culture. CCTV reporter Liu Changying explores how life is changing for locals since the first train arrived in Tibet.

That's the last stop for "All Aboard for Tibet."

It's been half a year since Ngawang Jigmet hit the road.

And this is how the Tibetan Buddhist plans to make his pilgrimage from his home in Gangcha county in Qinghai, a neighboring province of Tibet, all the way to Lhasa.

His budget is 20 thousand yuan, including travel expenses and monastery donations.

Ngawang Jigmet is making the pilgrimage in honor of his dead parents. He'll pray for them in the Lhasa monasteries. The journey will take two years. He might go home by train, which will take only two days.