04-08-2008 18:59

General Meeting of Members

  The General Meeting of Members (“the GMM”) is the ultimate authority of BFA. The GMM shall be held once every calendar year.

Board of Directors

  The Board of Directors shall be the supreme executive body of the GMM and shall be responsible to the GMM. The members of the Board of Directors shall be elected by a simple majority of the Full Members at the GMM. A meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held at least once a year coinciding with the GMM at the headquarters of BFA.

Council of Advisors

  There shall be a Council of Advisors, consisting of 26 chief representatives from 26 BFA Initial Countries. The Council of Advisors shall meet as the need arises to provide consultation and suggestions on significant issues and matters affecting BFA.


  The Secretariat shall be the standing executive body of BFA, responsible for the daily operation of the BFA. Long Yongtu is the Secretary-General of BFA.

Research Institute

  The Research Institute is an important intellectual support of BFA. Its functions include the following:

1. To identify the theme and sub-topics for the annual conference;

2. To develop and provide economic forecasting on issues consistent with the goals and policies of BFA;

3. To provide intellectual resources for BFA conferences, seminars, and workshops;

4. To provide human resource development programs for members and other partners of BFA;

5. To establish a virtual network` and a clearinghouse for other research and training institutes in Asia and elsewhere.


Editor:Xiong Qu