03-13-2007 16:39

Special Report:   2007 NPC & CPPCC sessions

Tackling corruption is another major task for the Chinese government. How do the country's political advisors evaluate the government's efforts? And what suggestions do they have? Let's go to interview with a CPPCC member to find out.

Among all the hot issues being debated and discussed at the on-going two sessions, to build a clean government is one of the top concerns for law-makers and political advisors. Here, I have invited Mr. Qu Shijing, a CPPCC member who is also a professor from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, to share with us his views on anti-corruption."

Q1. How do you assess the government's anti-corruption work in 2006?

Q2. What are the major challenges for the government in its fight against corruption?

Q3. What are your suggestions to minimize corruption to the government?

Anti-corruption is an issue of most concern to the public. And Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has vowed on many occasions to build a clean government. But experts say the most urgent task is to launch an effective system to check and control corruption.


Editor:Liu Fang