11-05-2007 14:36


Dear New Concept English:

I’m your good friend. Under the light, I’m in deep thought. Under the light, I’m writring a letter to you. Under the light, I unfold my heart to you.

A letter unites people like nothing else. It can make us cry, it can make us laugh.There is no caress more lovely and warm than a letter, because it makes the world smaller and both sender and receiver become like kings in their kingdoms. A letter is life itself. So I’m writing a letter to you.

Do you remember the bright morning? Do you remember the stirring moment? Under the arbor , we met. On the grass, we played together. In the shadow of the tree, you told me a great number of amusing stories. I had never enjoy my self more.

From then on, we become good friends. Whenever I’m in frouble, you tell me the way to escape from it. Whenever I’m down in spirits, you create happiness and pleasure to me.Whenever I’m dejected, you give we hope and courage. So I prefer to sitting on a armchair with a cup of tea in my right hand and with you in my left hand. Thus in the words and lines, we build our friendship. So I prefer to reciting the beautiful sentences under the light. Thus we can make a communion through hearts. So I prefer to smelling the aroma of the book. Hus we can taste the flavor of life together. The privity between you and me, consfructes a friendly bridge. Forever you are my best friend.

Fram then on , we share happiness and sorrovo together. Sometimes. I’m down because of difficulties. You cofort me patiently. Sometimes. I’m lax because of temporary success. You give me admonitions trough stories. It seems as if you were a kaleidoscope that are full. Of jays and funs. In my deep heart are filled up with weals and self-confidence while the negativefies and qualms are cleaned away.

From then on , you help me with my English. You are to me what honey is to bee. I’m a little bee. I’m busy in collecting knowledge in the gardon. You are to me what water is to fish. As s little fish in the sea of knowledge, I’m looking for pearls here and there. With this wealth. I can enrich my thesaurus. You are to me what sunlight is to flowers. I’m growing in your rain and wind, and thriving in your caress. On account of your help. I show great interest in English study. I pursue knowledge with eager feet. So I can speak and write English so fluerly. I can’t thank you too much.

I’m fond of funny stories in the books. In the stories you teach., me how to build my own life. You say that every person creates his or her own reality. It is not my external resoures that deterrnine my success and failare, but rather my own belief in myself and my willingness to create a life according to my highest aspiratious. Only when I begin to live my life understanding that what I make of it is up to me. Can I design it according to my own choices and desires. From you, I’ve learnt a good many things, such as responsibility and limitlessness, which will lead me to the life I intend to live. They also let me know how to control my own life.

You bring me to a supernatural world, which is full of wonderful power. Threr, I can smell the sweet flowers and hear birds singing. I feel as if I were a tree. With my roots deep in the fecund soil. I am eager to absorb the nufrition. And in the gentle sunlight, I grow taller and taller. Using the colourful leaves, I decorate a happy life. Using the colourful leaves, I knit my braw dream.

I have a dream, all the students, not only the wealthy, but also the poor, will have a series of New concept English books. To the poor, these books will bring them spunk and energy. They can free from abomination and inferiority complex. Whit the confidence, they are able to make a difference in the abundant world.10 the wealthy, these books will also be their nicer teachers. They will be plianthropic people. Then is the world will be more beaufiful and mor hamonions.

I have a dream, all the students, whether infellignt or footless, will have a series of New Concept English books. Footless as they are, there books are the key to the door of wishom, and they can pave the road to victory. Intelligent as they are, there books are to them what green leaves are to flowers. They will turn cleverer and cleverer.

I have a dream, all the students, both the excellent and the backword will have a series of New Concept English books. The backward students will get benefits from them. They can do a good job in English study as well. Me excellent students are able to reach a lvigher stage with the aid of these books.

All in all, I hold the view that the New Concept English books are the best choice to improve your English skills.

Now, my dear New Concept Englsih, under the light, I have to say goodbye to you. Hope my words from my deep heart will reach you.

Your devoted friend

Guo Wenbin


Editor:Liu Fang