Acrobatic show dazzles Sydney audience

2010-02-24 10:48 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Spring Festival |


Folk legend Mu Lan, a story about a girl disguised as a boy to go to war on behalf of her ill father, was retold in the form of acrobatics. The acrobatic show has cast spell in the Australian port city of Sydney.

As a key note of Spring Festival celebrations in Sydney, the acrobatic show "Mu Lan" dazzled local people and Chinese compatriots at "The State Theater" last Saturday night.

The acrobatic show "Mu Lan" dazzled local people and Chinese compatriots at "The State Theater" last Saturday night.
The acrobatic show "Mu Lan" dazzled local people and Chinese compatriots at 
"The State Theater" last Saturday night.

Performed by the Chongqing Acrobatic Troupe, the show combines their most intriguing stunts, dance and martial arts into acrobatics, to tell a story that has been popular in China for a thousand years.

The breathtaking acrobatics show recounts heroine Mu Lan's preparation to enlist into the army, fight on the battle field, her romance with a general, and her triumph return home.

Chongqing, a municipality located in Sichuan province, is hailed for local opera and face changing shows. The acrobatic show has added new charm to the city in the eyes of local people in Sydney.

As a Wenhua award winner, the acrobatic show "Mu Lan" debuted in Beijing last October. The show has been performed in many foreign countries. Before the Sydney performance the show was also performed in Brisbane.