Traditional Chinese Acrobatics Show

2010-02-09 14:35 BJT

Classified: Acrobatics
Venue: Chaoyang Theater
Time: Everyday 7:15pm-20:30pm
Price: 380 280 180 580

Traditional Chinese Acrobatics Show
Traditional Chinese Acrobatics Show


Acrobatics is an interactive art form. Whether you are old or young, educated or illiterate, you can appreciate it as long as you can see. There is no language barrier and cultural border.

When you watch a Chinese acrobatics show, you are strongly impacted both mentally and physically. It is truly and unforgettable experience.

 That's why China Odyssey Tour recommends acrobatic shows as part of your night tour when you travel to Shanghai or Beijing where outstanding performances are presented.


Cycling Feats - Acrobats display a variety of postures on the bicycle, resembling a peacock fanning its feathers.

Plate Spinning - A group of girls do a full acrobatic routine while spinning plates so delicately they look like gently waving flowers.

Pagoda of Bowls - A talented gymnast wows the crowd by flipping ceramic bowls onto her head while walking on a springboard.

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