Contest Number 6:Li Yi

2009-11-07 22:11 BJT

Contest Number: 6

Name: 李亿 Li Yi / Bill Lee

Gender: M

College: Xiamen University TKK College

Major: Finance

Grade: 3

Tel number: 13774767385


My hobbies: 书法,演讲,投资

My favorite website:

My favorite writer: 陈寅恪

My favorite food:

My hidden talents: 经世济民,绘画,音乐

The place I would most like to visit: 伦敦,华盛顿

The most unusual way I’ve ever studied English: 打电话给白宫练习英语

My most embarrassing experience: 一边流鼻涕,一边跑马拉松

The person who’s inspired me the most: 本杰明-富兰克林,孔子

You should give me you on-line vote because 标准英式口音,深刻思维,政治家风度

If I could make my dreams come true 感谢观众,感谢父母和老师,再跑一次马拉松。

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