Contest Number 1: Fan Chaoyi

2009-11-07 20:51 BJT

Contest Number: 1

Name: 樊超逸 Fan Chaoyi / Echo

Gender: F

College: Macau Polytechnic Institute

Major: Chinese and English Translation and Interpretation

Grade: 3

Tel number: 15801350874


My hobbies: Yoga, Music, Traveling

My favorite website:

My favorite writer: Dickens

My favorite food: Chinese food

My hidden talents: A question master

The place I would most like to visit: CCTV Building

The most unusual way I’ve ever studied English: Talking in English everyday to my dog

My most embarrassing experience: Telling the whole class I am "pregenent" rather than "permenent".

The person who’s inspired me the most: 陈懋平

You should give me you on-line vote because I'll take you to dinner afterwards.

If I could make my dreams come true I'll set another dream.

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