Unforgettable moments
Successful walking back home all by myself when I was still in Kindergarten

Passing the College Entrance Exams without ending up in hospital

Failed the calculus final in college, have been having nightmares of that until today

First time being hailed as a great karaoke singer

Found out my dog was the biggest fan of Madonna in China

First time anchoring business show on CCTV International, with the make-up that resembles Dracula and the hairstyle of a highway bandit

First time interviewing a senior business leader, the Chairman of Royal Dutch/Shell, Sir Mark Moody Stuart, pretending to be as old as he was.

Finally understanding the essence of new institutional economics, thanks to Prof. Douglas North

Receiving the award of Global Leader for Tomorrow in Davos, Swtizerland, from Prof. Schwab

The successful fundraiser for Project for the Blind, Tibet

My boss telling me he is quite happy with the launch of the new BizChina Show