Profile of Mr. Rui Chenggang:

Rui Chenggang is Director and Anchor of BizChina, the prime-time daily business show on CCTV International. The show that he hosted include: CCTV News, World Wide Watch, China Business Guide, BizChina, etc. He has also conducted face-to-face interviews with hundreds global business leaders, economists and officials, including Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft, Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman of Royal Dutch/Shell, Horst Kohler, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Lee Hun Jai, Minister of Finance & Economy of the Republic of Korea, Robert Fogel, 1993 Nobel Prize Laureate for Economic Science, George David, Chairman of United Technologies, Henning Kagermann, Chairman & CEO of SAP, Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum etc. In 2000, he joined the newly-launched CCTV's English Channel-CCTV-9£¬the first and the only 24hr, news-oriented international TV channel of China.

Rui Chenggang is also a columnist of Beijing Youth Daily, the most widely read newspaper in Beijing. In his personal column, he writes about his reflections and comments on the latest business and economic events and his interviews and experiences with leading minds and figures in the global business, academic and cultural arena.

Rui Chenggang sits on the board of China National Symphony Orchestra. He has also been invited to teach international journalism at China's Central Academy of Drama.

In 2001, Rui Chenggang became the youngest research fellow of the Development Research Center of the State Council. He is also a veteran speaker and moderator of important international and national business and economic summits, such as the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, China Investment Forum, China Business Summit, Annual Meeting of Canada China Business Council, etc.

In 2001, Rui Chenggang was awarded "Global Leader for Tomorrow 2001", by the World Economic Forum, at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

In 2002, he was selected as one of the 24 founding fellows of the US-China Young Leaders Forum, organized by the National Committee of US-China Relations. Also in 2002, at the invitation of China Europe Intenational Business School and BMW Foundation, Chenggang became a founding fellow of the Inaugural China Europe Young Leaders Forum.

Currently, Rui Chenggang also serves as the Deputy Secretary-General of China International Research Association of Transnational Corporations and the Organizing Committee of the World Economic Development Innitiatives.

Rui Chenggang was a graduate of Foreign Affairs College, China's cradle of diplomats, where he majored international economics. Since FAC is directly affiliated to China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he was privileged to be frequently chosen as a student representative to discuss and sometimes debate with visiting foreign leaders, among them were Newt Gingrich, Boutros Boutros Ghali, Kim Dae Jung, Bill Clinton, Shimon Peres, Leonid Kuchma, etc. These valuable experiences of interacting with world leaders laid a solid foundation for his future media career. He was the second prize winner of the 1998 National Intercollegiate Public Speaking Contest and a prize winner of the 1998 International Pubic Speaking Competition, held in London before he joined China Central Television, China's national TV network.

According to Chenggang, the reason he chose media as his career partly has to do with Boutros Boutros Ghali, the Former UN Secretary General, who once told him, "Sometimes I think the UN Security Council should include a sixth permanent member, which is going to be CNN. Because its influence on contemporary world politics and economy is huge"

Interviewees of Mr. Rui Chenggang include:

Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft
Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States of America
George Soros£¬Chairman, Soros Fund Management
Steve Forbes, President & CEO, Forbes Inc.
Richard Grasso, Chairman, New York Stock Exchange
Robert Zoellick, Untied States Trade Representative
Mickey Kantor, Former US Secretary of Commerce and USTR
Bill Perry, Former US Secretary of Defense
Peter Sutherland, Chairman, Goldman Saches Int'l.
Nobuyuki Idei, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sony Corporation
Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman, Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies
Horst Kohler, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Lee Hun-Jai, Prime Minister & Minister of Finance & Economy, Republic of Korea
Robert Fogel, Nobel Prize Laureate for Economic Science
Douglas North, Nobel Prize Laureate for Economic Science
George David, Chairman, United Technologies Corporation
Victor Kalyuzhnyi, Minister of Fuel & Energy, the Russian Federation
Klaus Schwab, Founder & President, World Economic Forum
James Hughes-Hallett, Chairman, Cathy Pacific Airways
Robert Friedland, Chairman, Ivanhoe Capital Corporation
John Wall, President, Nasdaq International
James Hahn, Mayor of Los Angeles
Chirs Murck, Chaiman, American Chamber of Commerce, China.
Ernst Behrens, Chaiman, European Chamber of Commerce, China
Amb. Howard Balloch, President, Canada-China Business Council
K. S. Lo, Chairman, Growth Enterprise Market, Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Vaughn Koshkarian, Vice President, Ford Motor Company
Ferid Murad, 1998 Nobel Prize Laureate for Medicine
C. K. Chung, President, Hyundai Corporation
Gary Coull Chairman, Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia Ltd.
Long Yongtu, Former Vice Minister of MOFTEC.
Weijiafu, President & CEO, COSCO
Tian Suning, President, China Netcom Corp
Yang Yuanqing, President & CEO, Legend Group
Fang Xinghai, Vice President, Shanghai Stock Exchange
Zhang Yue, President, Broad Air-Conditioning
Li Dongsheng, President, TCL Group