01-19-2009 11:21

China Central Television plans to launch Arabic Channel in December of 2009. To enhance the internationalization of programs, and according to needs of program setting, Arabic Channel is recruiting translators、script-reviewers、announcers and anchors from the world.

Job Responsibility:

1) Taking charge of the translation、editing and polishing of Arabic news stories;

2) Taking charge of the broadcasting、presiding and dubbing of specific programs;

3) Taking charge of the interpretation and translation work from English to Arabic.

Professional Requirements:

1) Several years’ working experience in scrip writing and editing;

2) With professional qualifications of broadcasting and presiding;

3) Capability of reviewing Arabic scripts.

Basic Requirements for Applicants:

1) With university or Master’s degree;

2) Strong passion for television, a good knowledge structure, and strong capability of Arabic speaking、writing、reading and listening, and translation competence.

3) A good team-player, equipped with strong responsibility, dedication to work, comparatively high working efficiency, and strong sense of discipline;

4) Proficient with computers;

5) Under the age of 45 years with good health.

Qualification Preferred: A certain mastery of Chinese speaking、reading、writing and listening preferred.

Salaries and Benefits: Competitive salary and benefits provided.

Applicants forward resumes(one in English, one in Arabic)