07-28-2008 11:08

Television audience in China are being swept up in the cartoon series feature this year's Olympic mascots, "The Olympic Adventures of the Fuwas," premiered on television on August 8th last year. Maybe it's the vivid scenery. Maybe the five Fuwas are just irresistibly cute. No matter, "The Olympic Adventures of the Fuwas" has done outstandingly well in the ratings.

The Olympic Adventures of the Fuwas
The Olympic Adventures of the Fuwas

The Olympic Adventures of the Fuwas” was produced by the Beijing Kaku Cartoon Network, with authorization from BOCOG. There are 100-episodes. Never have Olympic mascots received this much exposure on television. The investment in the project ran to about 50 million yuan RMB.

The story begins precisely one year before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. A boy named Dayou gets a birthday gift - action figures of the Five Fuwas. The new additions to his toy collection usher the boy into the Olympic world. The production retells the story of the origins and development of Olympic sports. It even gives background on rules and regulations. Combining original story telling techniques with historical fact, the cartoon series successfully merges the Olympic ideal and spirit with a string of funny stories.