07-14-2008 10:02

Ma Yili has walked away with the Best Actress award at this year's prestigious Changchun Film Festival. She took the top award for her performance in the "Good Man". Ma Yili is married to actor Wen Zhang, who was unable to attend the ceremony. But he did send a card of congratulation which brought tears to the eyes of the expectant mother.

Ma Yili is a native Shanghainese. She grew up in the city and graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Dramatic Arts. She wasn't well known until her roles in two TV series "Black Hole" and "Eyes of Xishi".

Major success was still to come, when she took the leading role for the third season of the popular TV drama "Princess Pearl". The elegant and intelligent Princess Ziwei that she portrayed was a big hit with television viewers. Ever since, she has maintained that persona among fans. Next came the television hit "Residence of the Qiao Family". Ma played Jiang Xueying, the first true lover of the Qiao family's youngest son. The family disapproved of the romance and separated the lovers. Jiang was forced into a marriage with a wealthy old man. Her sweetheart married a wealthy woman. From innocent girl to heart-broken woman, Ma's acting career made a quantum leap.