03-01-2008 13:07

Special Report:   2008 NPC & CPPCC sessions

China's top legislature, NPC, and top political advisory body, CPPCC, will open their first sessions next week. And the number of registered overseas reporters for the two sessions has increased by about 20 percent over last year.

And the number of registered overseas reporters for the two sessions has increased by about 20 percent over last year.
And the number of registered overseas reporters for the two
sessions has increased by about 20 percent over last year.

Foreign journalists from all over the world have gathered in Beijing to prepare for the two upcoming conferences.

Reporter of Ukrainian National News Agency said "My focus is on economic issues, since China's GDP topped 11% last year."

To get a permit for the conferences, reporters have to register at the News Center for NPC and CPPCC.

Tian Qi, Vice Director of Overseas Reporters Group of NPC/CPPCC News Center said "The deadline for registration is Wednesday. But 843 reporters from 42 countries have already registered, a increase of 20% over last year. "

Over 80 officials from foreign embassies have also registered to audit the two sessions.

As overseas media show an increasing interest, measures have been taken to help journalists as they work.

Text messages will be used for the first time to keep reporters informed and coverage of the events from China's major media will also be provided.


Editor:Xiong Qu