02-21-2008 11:18

The Ministry of Communications has announced that the government will expand investment in rural road building and improve the quality of roads in the countryside. The funds set aside for road construction will come mainly from tax paid by vehicle buyers.

The Ministry of Communications has announced that the government will expand investment in rural road building and improve the quality of roads in the countryside. 
The Ministry of Communications has announced that the government
|will expand investment in rural road building and improve the
quality of roads in the countryside.

The ministry says it will invest half of the total tax collected, or over 39 billion yuan, in road construction in rural areas. It is planning to build new roads with a length of around 270 thousand kilometers.

The ministry will also launch a nation-wide program to repair and rebuild rural roads. Meanwhile, a three-year campaign to inspect and assess road construction quality will kick off this year. The ministry has pledged it will ensure that at least 95 percent of construction will meet standards.


Editor:Xiong Qu