02-14-2007 15:48

Acrobatics has a long history in China and is seen as a precious part of our cultural legacy. And the city of Wuqiao in Hebei is recognized internationally as the birthplace of Chinese acrobatics. A recently opened museum now celebrates this heritage.

The history of Wuqiao acrobatics can be traced back some two thousand years ago. And with it the city of Wuqiao has capitalised on this to become one of the most famous homes for acrobatics in China with an influence that reaches worldwide.

There's a saying that the city's inhabitants, from doddering grand parents to toddling infants, can all perform some form of acrobatics.

The new acrobatics museum is divided into nine exhibition halls, with over two hundred items on display. One of the highlights is this tomb mural unearthed in 1958, which vividly portrays a plate spinning act. The exhibition also offers plenty of more interactive activities for visitors. Many designed to show the painstaking practice required to succeed.

A visitor said, "I'm very proud of Wuqiao acrobatics. Because this is our traditional art form and the city of Wuqiao has done a lot to protect the cultural legacy."

It is hoped that more and more people will get to appreciate the value of Chinese acrobatics, and do their bit to promote and protect this ancient art form.


Editor:Liu Fang