Facts & Figures in work report of China´s Supreme People´s Procuratorate 03-10-2004 17:37

Following are facts and figures in a report delivered on Mar.10 to China's national legislature by Jia Chunwang, procurator-general of China's Supreme People's Procuratorate, on its work and local procuratorates in 2003:

-- Procuratorates at various levels approved the arrest of 764,776 criminal suspects of various kinds in 2003, prosecuted 819,216 on behalf of the State;

-- The Supreme People's Procuratorate moved to supervise the handling of 113 cases of major economic crimes, while procuratorates at various levels across China approved the arrest of 19,222 suspects, and prosecuted 21,440 on charge of smuggling, trading of smuggled goods, producing and marketing fake and shoddy goods, financial swindling, tax evasion, intellectual property right privacy and other economic crimes;

-- The procuratorates investigated 39,562 cases of various job-related crimes, involving 43,490 people, and prosecuted 22,761 cases and 26,124 people involved on behalf of the State. The efforts retrieved more than 4.3 billion yuan in direct economic losses;

-- The procuratorates investigated 18,515 major crimes concerning corruption, taking bribes and embezzlement of public funds, and 123 of them involved at least 10 million yuan each. A total of 2,728 officials at or above county or section chief, 167 at or above prefecture level, and four officials at provincial or ministerial level were investigated;

-- Thanks to intervention of procuratorates at various levels, a total of 22,575 cases were filed by investigating departments (police), which previously failed to do; the procuratorates also intervened in rescinding 2,552 filed cases that should not have been registered according to law; a total of 9,440 people were arrested and 5,220 prosecuted after intervention by the procuratorates according to law; the procuratorates disapproved the applications to arrest 58,872 people and prosecute 27,957 in compliance with law;

-- The procuratorates appealed for retrials of 2,906 cases with incorrect judgment or ruling, handed down 9,518 pieces of written instructions over activities during investigations and trials in violation of the relevant laws;

-- The procuratorates lodged 13,120 pieces of appeals to courts for retrials of unjustified ruling, and 3,316 pieces of proposals on reassessment of cases to procuratorates, owning to illegal law enforcement or unfair ruling in cases regarding public interests or migrant workers and laid-off workers.

Editor:Wang  Source:Xinhua News Agency

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