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China, Bangladesh pledge to boost cooperation

China and Bangladesh on Sunday agreed to deepen bilateral cooperation during a meeting between visiting Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan and Bangladeshi President Abdul Hamid.

World's longest wooden dragon boat unveiled in Southwest China

A total of 1,600 strong men have carried a 77.8-meter-long wooden dragon boat to a river on Saturday in Shibing County of southwest China's Guizhou Province.

Chinese investors are the biggest foreign buyers of US property

Chinese investors have overtaken Canadians as the biggest foreign buyers of US property.

Arab League FMs hold emergency meeting

The Arab League hold an extraordinary meeting on 28th May to discuss the latest developments in Palestine and Libya.

More than 600 survivors & 45 bodies arrive in Italy

The Italian navy vessel Vega arrived in southern Italy's Reggio Calabria port on Sunday morning carrying 629 migrants who were rescued from several boats in the Mediterranean. The ship was also carrying bodies of 45 victims of Friday's migrant boat shipwreck, including three infants, UNICEF Italy said.

Iraq Kurds launch offensive east of Mosul

In Iraq, Kurdish peshmerga forces have launched an offensive to retake areas east of Mosul from ISIL militants.

Agencies match infertile couples with American women

Agencies match infertile couples with American women

Sterilization victims organize campaign of justice in Peru

More than 300,000 Peruvian women and men were sterilized when Alberto Fujimori was president in the 1990s, according to health ministry figures. The government said the procedures were voluntary. Thousands of those on the receiving end maintain they were forced. Now they’ve organized a campaign for justice.

Hollande & Merkel mark WWI battle centenary

French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have marked the 100th anniversary of the battle of Verdun, one of the bloodiest battles of World War One. To show their respects, The two European leaders laid a wreath at a memorial for fallen soldiers in the French town of Consenvoye.

30K Chinese have served in 16 African missions

China has taken part in UN peacekeeping operations since the 1990’s. Some 30,000 Chinese soldiers have served in 16 UN missions in Africa alone.

Venezuelan gov't, opposition meet mediators separately

Venezuelan officials and opposition representatives have met with a group of mediators in the Dominican Republic separately. The talks are intended to lay the groundwork for dialogue amid a political standoff and a deepening economic crisis.

New Turkish PM wins parliament confidence vote

The newly-formed Turkish government headed by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has won a parliamentary vote of confidence.

UN: 3,500 troops have died for world peace

Sunday is the annual International Day of UN Peacekeepers, a day when the world remembers those who have fought for world peace. More than 129 peacekeepers from 50 countries lost their lives while on duty last year.

Iraqi forces take position around Fallujah

Iraqi forces are continuing their preparations to push Islamic State out of Fallujah in Anbar province. Pro-government forces have taken position around the city.

Lebanon without a President since May 2014

Lebanon has now entered its third year without a head of state, and political analysts say the country is paying the price for it. The Lebanese presidency has been vacant since Michel Suleiman's term expired on May the twenty fifth, 2014. Since then, Lebanon's parliament has held 39 rounds of voting, but all have failed to elect a new president.

Soldiers help renovate Lebanese school

Chinese peacekeepers in Lebanon recently helped renovate a local primary school. The Al-majadel Primary School in the city of Tyre has more than 500 students. It was built after the Lebanon-Israel war in 2006 by the United Nations interim force in the country.

Venezuela receives medicine from China for Zika

The Chinese government has donated 96 tonnes of medicine to Venezuela to help patients suffering from the Zika virus and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Drought continues in central and northern China

While torrential rains continue to pound south China, it's a different story in central and northern parts of the country over the past couple of months, with dry weather causing droughts in some places.

Eleven people hit by lightning in Paris

Eleven people have been struck by lightning in a Paris park and six of them are seriously injured, according to the French interior ministry. The ministry said in a statement that eight of the victims were children.

Dozens killed in clash between rebels and IS

Fighting between the Islamic State and Syrian rebels near the Turkish border has killed at least 27 civilians and 41 combatants in the last two days.

Studio interview: Iraqi forces attempt to retake Fallujah

For more, joining us in the studio is Mr. Jia Xiudong, a Senior Research Fellow at the China Institute of International Studies.

China-Australia pledge to enhance bilateral relations

Chinese and Australian leaders have vowed to enhance bilateral relations to achieve healthy, sustainable development. The pledge was made Saturday in Sydney during a meeting between Liu Qibao, head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, and Australian Governor General Peter Cosgrove.

Xi underscores challenges, calls for better care

China's Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee has held a group study on the challenges posed by an ageing society. During the meeting, President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the committee, called for better care for China's ageing population.

Xi underscores challenge, opportunity of aging population

President Xi Jinping has called for better care for China's aging population.

Iraqi gov't forces launch assault on ISIL

Iraqi armed forces and Shiite militias have launched an attack on ISIL positions in the district of Saqlawiyah, 72 kilometres west of Iraq's capital, Baghdad.

ISIL launches assault on jihadi rebels

Islamic State militants have launched a wide-scale assault on jihadi rebels outside of the city of Marea, in the northern countryside of Aleppo province in northern Syria.

Studio interview: Different reactions to the advertisement

For more on this, we are joined in the studio by our media & communication consultant Ms Han Hua and by Mr Django Tamati, a Freelance Executive Creative Director.

Sub-anchor: Second-child policy allows more to have kids

For more on this, we are joined in the studio by CCTV's Jin Yingqiao.

Whitening advertisings have long pedigree

Racism in commercials is a controversial issue worldwide. Check out this Thai skin-whitening ad. The ad for the whitening pills features a famous Thai actress attributing her success to fairer skin. This incident reignited the debate about attitudes to skin color in Thailand.

Sub-anchor: Chinese law bans racial discrimination in ads

For more on this topic, I'm now joined in the studio by my colleague Han Peng.

Chinese detergent accused of airing 'most racist ad ever'

A Chinese laundry detergent commercial has spurred outrage online, with many social media users accusing it of blatant racism. But the situation is even more complicated than it would first seem.

China's first permanent magnetic monorail train successfully completes test run

China's first permanent magnetic monorail train has successfully completed a test run in the city of Qingdao, in Shandong Province.

Global effort to end cycle of malnutrition

Today marks World Hunger Day. A day when people come together to honor ongoing efforts to end a global cycle of malnutrition.

Syrian gov't and rebels urged to let aid through

Hundreds of thousands of people are under siege in Syria and Iraq as the conflicts in the two countries continue.

Manila's duplicity cannot cover up core issue

The Philippines has never stopped playing tricks on the South China Sea issue. It is trying its best to cover up history and the facts, and to confuse the international community over the core issue, which is that the Philippines has not only seized some of China's territory, it wants more.

Innovation and cooperation key in service trade

The 4th China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Service is kicking off today in Beijing. 23 thousand attendees are expected at this five day event showcasing more than 100 exhibitions, forums and biz talks.

At least 100 fall sick in northern city of Mau

At least one hundred people have fallen sick after consuming contaminated water in northern India. The incident happened on Saturday in Mau city of Uttar Pradesh state.

Diplomat reiterates China's stance, stresses dialogue

China's Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva has stressed the need to resolve disputes in the South China Sea through negotiations and consultations, in accordance with international law while respecting historical facts.

795 million people in hunger

Saturday marks this year's World Hunger Day. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's 2015 statistics, some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. This represents one in nine people on earth.

Kremlin: Extension of sanctions no good for world economy

Kremlin says the decision of the Group of Seven to extend sanctions against Russia will not have a positive impact on the global economy and affairs.

Crossover: Obama mentions S. Korean victims in speech

For the reactions from South Korea, we turn to our correspondent U-Jean Jung in Seoul.

Chinese FM: Nanjing should not be forgotten

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called on Japan to face its military past during the Second World War. He said this on the very same day when US President Barack Obama attended commemoration activities in Hiroshima for remembrance of the victims of nuclear bombings.

Division on world economy and S. China Sea

On Friday, the G7 leaders wrapped up their summit in Japan, pledging to seek a more sustainable and balanced economic growth. They also voiced their concerns over the issue of maritime disputes in the Asia Pacific, which China said it was "strongly dissatisfied" with.

Chinese medical team certified by WHO

An emergency medical team from Shanghai was granted certification from the World Health Organization this Tuesday, becoming one of the first teams qualified to provide support to populations affected by natural disasters and disease globally.

US: ISIL commander killed in coalition strikes

A commander of Islamic State and 70 other ISIL militants have been killed in US-led coalition strikes.

Putin comments on US missile shield, Crimea issue

Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded strongly to the US missile defense shield in Romania and Poland, as well as the Crimea issue. He made the comments at a joint news conference with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Athens on Friday, during his two-day official visit to Greece.

Beijing's new sub-center must be people-oriented: Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for people-oriented approach in planning and building a new sub-center for the nation's capital city Beijing.

Chengdu's new airport aims to connect the world

Chengdu in southwest China’s Sichuan Province is known as one of the starting points of the ancient southern Silk Road. It links China with Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea. The city is now reviving its connection with the world by constructing a second international airport.

Torrential rainfall continues to batter S. China

Heavy rainstorms have been battering much of southern China for weeks. The National Meteorological Center has issued an alert, warning of torrential downpours in a huge swath of provinces and regions in Southern China.

China dissatisfied with G7 statement on South China Sea

China is extremely dissatisfied with a statement by Group of Seven leaders on the contentious South China Sea issue.

Hangzhou: Traditional culture with booming economy

With the G20 summit approaching, host city Hang Zhou is drawing more and more global attention. What made this city stand out among all of the candidate cities?

China not to blame for steel industry flop in Europe

China's Foreign Ministry has said that the global economy, rather than China, is to blame for problems in the European steel industry.

China expresses dissatisfaction with G7 statement on South China Sea

China on Friday said it was strongly dissatisfied with a statement by G7 members, in which they expressed concern over the South China Sea.

China's WWII victims also worthy of remembrance

During World-War-Two, Japan's imperial army killed around 300,000 Chinese people within a six-week period in China's former capital, Nanjing. China's foreign minister, Wang Yi says the victims who died at the hands of Japanese soldiers are also worthy of remembrance.

Nanjing should not be forgotten: Chinese FM

Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday reminded the international community of the scars left by the massacre in Nanjing in 1937.

China determined to revitalize northeast rust belt

President Xi Jinping has pledged action on economic restructuring during a tour of Heilongjiang Province, once a flourishing heavy industrial center.

UN chief calls for regional co-op at Jeju Peace Forum

The eleventh Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity has opened in South Korea. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech.

US veteran: mission was successful, no regrets

While many in Japan believe the bombings were unjustified. Many in the US believe the nuclear attack was necessary to end the war quickly. Theodore Van Kirk, a mission crew member, described the attack as a success. His biggest fear at the time, was getting too close to the nuclear explosion himself.

History of G20 Summit

As a major multi-lateral global forum, the G20 Summit has been shouldering the responsibility of maintaining world economy order since its establishment. To get a better understanding about the G20, let's take a quick look at past summits.

Expectations of G20 Summit

Ahead of the G20 Hangzhou summit, we hear what some journalists have to say about their expectations of the upcoming event.

Hangzhou launches 100-day countdown to G20

Hangzhou has kicked off its 100 day countdown to this year's G20 Summit. Local officials held a press conference Friday on the city's preparations.

Here's what we can expect from G20 Hangzhou Summit

The G7 summit was held in Japan on May 26, while the G20 summit is scheduled for about a 100 days later in China's Hangzhou.

Violent clashes at Calais migrant camp

Violent clashes have broken out between Afghan and Sudanese migrants at a makeshift refugee camp in Calais. French police said forty people were injured. Between 300 and 400 migrants began fighting in the afternoon near a food distribution point.

US president makes historic visit to Hiroshima

After the G7 summit, US President Barack Obama arrived in the Japanese city of Hiroshima and started his historic visit to the Peace Memorial Park in city downtown. He laid a wreath at the cenotaph for vicitms of the atomic bombing.

S. Korea, Japan experts' expectations for G20 summit

The G20 meeting provides an opportunity for the leaders of the major economies to discuss the coordination of global economic development. Experts from South Korea and Japan expect the summit to solve urgent economic issues.

2015 GDP growth of G20 members

The Group of 20 was established at the G7 Finance Ministers' meeting in 1999. The group consists of 19 individual countries including the G7 and emerging economies including China, Argentina, Russia, South Africa. The European Union is the only intergovernmental organization.

April industrial profits up 4.2% from 2015

Profits of China's industrial firms rose 4.2 percent in April, though growth slowed significantly from March.

China to tighten checks on local debt scheme

China will tighten checks on local government bonds under a refinancing program. The Ministry of Finance said on Thursday that it kicked off a debt swap program last year to help local governments refinance expensive and mostly off-balance sheet debt.

PBOC team reports on policy stance

he People's Bank of China will continue its prudent monetary policy with some flexibility to support the economy. That's according to a report by the central bank's monetary policy analysis team.

China and India strive for closer partnership

India President Pranab Mukherjee paid his first state visit to China on May 24-27, serving as one of the most important high-level interactions between the two countries in the past few years.

G7 Leaders: 'Brexit' a serious risk to global economy

British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned against the economic risks of a so-called "Brexit" at a press conference after the G7 meeting in Japan.

China to launch yuan bonds in London

Britain's finance ministry is welcoming China's decision to launch its first sovereign bond overseas in London.

Discontent within Japanese government

Analysts say Barack Obama's visit to Japan aims to enhance the military alliance between the US and Japan, and supports Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's eagerness to throw off some of the restraints imposed by the country's post-war pacifist constitution. The potential effect of this has triggered discontent within the Japanese government.

G7 Leaders: 'Brexit' a serious risk to global economy

G7 leaders on Friday warned that a UK exit from the EU could have disastrous economic consequences. The leaders issued a declaration during the summit in Japan that an exit poses a serious risk to growth.

Local reaction to city construction work of Hangzhou ahead of G20 summit

Construction projects have been carried out in the city of Hangzhou ahead of September's G20 summit. CCTV reporter spoke to some local residents about the changes happening in their city.

Cartoon Commentary on Xi's Heilongjiang tour ③: Opening new road for development

On May 23-25, Chinese President Xi Jinping had visited a number of cities in Heilongjiang province, Northeastern China, including Yichun, Fuyuan, Jiamusi, and Harbin.

Lake drying up in Myanmar

Inle, the second largest lake in Myanmar, has suffered from unprecedented low water levels after record temperatures and low rainfall during the past year. The lake has a special ecosystem and is home to many species unique to the waters.

Jinshajiang River hydropower station ready for floods

The Jinshajiang River is a major headstream of the Yangtze, China's longest river. It flows through a vast area of land in southwest China. As El Nino continues, floods are expected to hit the Yangtze in the forthcoming months. This poses enormous challenges for flood-control teams.

Crossover: Hiroshima visit only a compromise to Japan

For some analysis on Obama's visit to Hiroshima, let's turn to Professor Zhu Chenghu from the People's Liberation Army Defense University.

China: The world should remember history

A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry has spoken about US president Obama's visit to Hiroshima.

Crossover: Japanese reactions to Obama's Hiroshima visit

For more on this story we can go now to our correspondent in Japan, Terrence Terashima.

Hiroshima survivors and US vets react to non-apology

How do US war veterans view the non-apology? Our reporter Sean Callebs has gathered some reactions on that from both Hiroshima survivors and US war veterans.

Hangzhou further improves water quality of West Lake

Hangzhou, the capital city of east China's Zhejiang province, is bracing itself for the 2016 G20 Summit. These days the city has been working on further improving the water quality of West Lake, the most well-known scenic spot in the region. Hangzhou hopes to welcome G20 guests from home and abroad with a fresher West Lake.

China, EU to jointly ensure success of G20 summit

China and the European Union will strengthen coordination and communication to ensure a successful G20 summit.

Trump claims victory in Republican nomination race

US billionaire Donald Trump Thursday reached the number of delegates needed to grab the Republican Party nomination.

China is winning more support over the South China Sea issue

Recently, more and more countries and organizations have been voicing support for China on the South China Sea issue.

Manila pretending to be blind to historical facts

The Philippines has initiated arbitration proceedings on the South China Sea through the United Nations Permanent Court of Arbitration.

Philippines' arbitration case built on false pretext

In its compulsory arbitration proceedings with respect to its disputes with China in the South China Sea, the Philippines has accused China of interfering in the Philippines exercising sovereignty and jurisdiction in its territorial waters.

Boat carrying migrants capsizes in the Mediterranean

A boat carrying migrants has capsized off the coast of Libya in the southern Mediterranean. It comes just 24-hours after hundreds of migrants had to be rescued by Italy's Coast Guard after a similar accident which saw several drown.

Japanese expert: Abe trying to whitewash war crimes

Shinzo Abe is using Barack Obama's visit to Hiroshima as another attempt to whitewash the country's war crimes.

Manila using specious arguments to circumvent Convention

In the South China Sea arbitration case that the Philippines initiated, the legal status of the islands is a focus. But the Philippines' description of the islands is to serve its litigation strategy in the arbitration.

How can surrounding villages boost economic growth?

Hangzhou is not only known for its beautiful scenery and hospitality, but also as a hub for China’s booming e-commerce sector. Hangzhou's surrounding villages are also benefiting from this growing industry.

100-day countdown to 2016 G20 Summit begins in Hangzhou

May 27th marks the beginning of the 100-day countdown to the G20 summit in Hangzhou. More than 5,000 locals from the city in east China took part in the countdown event at the Huanglong Stadium. Participants included service personnel, medical staff, security forces, and volunteers.

100-day countdown to 2016 G20 Summit begins in Hangzhou

The 100-day countdown to the 2016 G20 summit begins in east China's Hangzhou City on May 27.

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Iraq Kurds launch offensive east of Mosul

In Iraq, Kurdish peshmerga forces have launched an offensive to retake areas east of Mosul from ISIL militants.

More than 600 survivors & 45 bodies arrive in Italy

The Italian navy vessel Vega arrived in southern Italy's Reggio Calabria port on Sunday morning carrying 629 migrants who were rescued from several boats in the Mediterranean. The ship was also carrying bodies of 45 victims of Friday's migrant boat shipwreck, including three infants, UNICEF Italy said.

30K Chinese have served in 16 African missions

China has taken part in UN peacekeeping operations since the 1990’s. Some 30,000 Chinese soldiers have served in 16 UN missions in Africa alone.

World's longest wooden dragon boat unveiled in Southwest China

A total of 1,600 strong men have carried a 77.8-meter-long wooden dragon boat to a river on Saturday in Shibing County of southwest China's Guizhou Province.

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