FM Li Zhaoxing on China´s foreign diplomacy 03-06-2004 16:51

Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing says China's foreign diplomacy over the last year has made a considerable contribution to maintaining world peace and promoting common development. He made the statement at an NPC press conference in Beijing today. He said China's diplomacy has also served to create a peaceful and favorable international environment for China's economic and social development.

Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing announced here Saturday Chinese and Russian presidents will hold a summit in Beijing in the latter half of this year.

Li Zhaoxing said that in the past year, China's friendly cooperation with neighboring countries has reached a new high, and relations with major developed countries have been enhanced. China has also strengthened cooperation and unity with developing countries.

The foreign minister said China has been actively engaged in multilateral diplomacy for world peace and common development.

Li Zhaoxing said, "Chinese diplomats have been active in the international arena. We have played a positive role in relevant international cooperation on a number of issues... whether on the issue of Iraq, the issue on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue or dealing with the sudden SARS epidemic. "

Li Zhaoxing expressed China's support for multilaterism and its commitment to multilateral cooperation in settling international disputes.

Li added, "Multilaterism has been proved to be an effective approach to dealing with the common challenges facing humanity, and is an important means for settling international disputes. It is a powerful guarantee to ensure sound development globally and promote democratic and legal governance of international relations. "

Li Zhaoxing stressed that multilateralism is in line with the mission and principles of the UN Charter, which aims to ensure world affairs are not decided by one country, or a group of countries, but by all members of the United Nations.

On the issue of human rights, he said the government considers the interests of the Chinese people to be a high priority. These interests include health and democratic and political rights.

Li said the creation of sound judicial and legal systems are integral to the protection and materialization of democratic rights. He said the government is working to achieve greater progress in this area to guarantee the basic human rights of the Chinese people.

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