03-23-2007 09:55

High energy consuming sectors are going through rapid development this year. And that's pushed electricity usage up by 20% in just the first few months. To slow down this rise in consumption, China is releasing measures to curb their use.

China's top planner, the National Development and Reform Commission announced Thursday it will shut down energy inefficient coal-fueled power generators. On the hit list are generators that are harmful to the environment, have capacity lower than 100 thousand kilowatts, and are older than 20 years. Generators equivalent to 10 million kilowatts will be shutdown down this year.

Zhang Liqun, researcher of Development Research Center said:" China is getting stricter in meeting the challenge of energy saving and exhaust reduction. There are still many high-polluting and energy-consuming factories in China. To meet the goal set in the 11th Five-Year-Plan, we need to make more efforts to conserve energy."

China missed its energy-saving goal in the past year. The government attributed the failure to the slow speed of industrial restructuring, over-reliance on manufacturing, and inadequate investment. This year, the government is putting environmental protection as a top priority, and more energy-saving projects will be launched.

Li Pumin, NDRC spokesman said:" China will increase investment to its ten key energy-saving projects this year. More treasury bonds and central government budgets will be allocated to these projects. And the amount to be saved will be equivalent to 40 million tons of standard coal."

More efforts will also be taken to meet the goals, like strengthening management regulations, setting up an evaluation mechanism, developing the recycling industry, launching relevant laws and increasing utility charges for energy-hungry sectors. Meanwhile, the government will also guide both local and overseas financial institutions to support the energy saving sectors.


Editor:Li Yang