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The Great Wall (Europe) TV Package is the extension of The Great Wall (North America) TV Package and The Great Wall (Asia) TV Package and launches on August 28, 2006 through IPTV network in Paris of France. The fourteen Chinese TV channels of the Great Wall (Europe) will cover the whole Europe and transmitted via IPTV, cable TV and satellite TV.

The Great Wall (Europe) TV Package include: CCTV International Chinese-language Channel (CCTV-4), CCTV International English-language Channel (CCTV-9), CCTV-Spanish & French Channel (CCTV-E&F), CCTV Entertainment Channel, China Movie Channel (CMC), Beijing TV (BTV), Shanghai Dragon TV, Jiangsu International Channel (Jiangsu International), Hunan Satellite TV (HTV), Fujian Xiamen TV (Xiamen Star), Guangdong Southern TV (TVS), Zhejiang International Channel (ZTV International), Phoenix Chinese News & Entertainment Channel and Phoenix InfoNews Channel.

The objective of the Great Wall (Europe) TV Package is to serve overseas Chinese in Europe, to satisfy their needs for TV programs, and to open a window on China and the world for the audiences who speak English, Spanish or French. Therefore, the package will show Chinese culture, old and new, and will exhibit modern China from different angles. The European audience will watch the super package of the most excellent and up-to-date TV programs simultaneously with their Chinese counterparts. The Great Wall (Europe) TV Package will provide a grand enjoyment to all its audiences regardless of time and space.

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