04-12-2008 21:02

Documentary on the riot happened in Lhasa, Tibet on March 14th Download video >>

The riots in Lhasa on March 14th are the most serious incident in the region for decades. Local residents are still reeling from the aftershock, even as they try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. In the following documentary, we look back at the events to see how they've impacted the people in Tibet. Full story >> 

Accusation of the victims of 3.14 Lhasa riots Download video >>

For residents in Lhasa, the events of March the 14th were a nightmare. Innocent civilians were attacked and private properties were damaged. The unrest severely disrupted social order and the daily lives of the locals. In the following documentary, we look at how Lhasa residents suffered in the riots. Full story >>

We want a good life Download video >>

The March 14th riots in Lhasa have seriously harmed the lives of its people. Many elderly people are living in Lhasa for over twenty years, they said "What a nice time we are in. Why did they stir up trouble, I hate them." Full story>>


Foreigners witness Lhasa riots Download video >>

Tibet is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. And some foreigners who were in Lhasa were witnesses to the riots. Full story>>


The Past of Tibet Download video >>

The black and white shots are taken from the documentaries made before 1960. Full story >>


The Dalai Lama Download video >>

The 14th Dalai Lama was born in Daktse Village in Qinghai. He was the son of Tibetan peasants. Full story >>