04-08-2008 15:25

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In Zhongnanhai, the Dalai Lama met Chairman Mao for the first time. He presented Chairman Mao with a hada. During the period when he was in Beijing, the Dalai Lama met Chairman Mao on numerous occasions, they seemed like old close friends.

Episode I: Tenzin Gyatso born in Qinghai

Episode II: Looking for reincarnated boy

Episode III: Dalai Lama´s expensive life

Episode IV: Influenced by thoughts of "independence"

Episode V: Start of Dalai Lama´s political career

Episode VI: Wavering Dalai Lama and US instigation

Episode VII: Peaceful liberation and new life

Episode IX: General Chen Yi in Lhasa

Episode X: Returning after PM´s persuasion

Episode XI: Announcing "Tibetan independence"


Editor:Liu Fang