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Chinese names : 元彪

English name: Ha Ling Chan/Ha Ling Chun

Birthdate : 26/7/1957

Nationality : Hong Kong

Workplace : Hong Kong

Activities : Director (1), Producer (3), Action Director (19), Assistant Action Director (4), Actor (92), Brief appearance (17), Stuntman (16)


Ha Ling Chan
Ha Ling Chan

Born in Hong Kong on 26 july 1957 as Ha Ling Tsan. Yuen Biao is one of "The Seven Little Fortunes", others include Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan, who were raised and taught by Sifu Yu Jim Yuen. Just like his buddies, he preformed in Yu's Peking Opera Troupe and became a stuntman in his teens. He was chosen to become Bruce Lee's double in Lee's unfinished work "The game of Death". He stepped into stardom with "Knockabout" under the direction of Sammo Hung. His outstanding action performance in "The Young Master" made him took the leading role of "Dreadnaught".

After several movies working with Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao tried to create his own style and image. His performance in "Righting wrongs" and "The Iceman Cometh" established an upright and charming image. He proved his acting ability in "On the run", but unfortunately it was a flop in the box office.

Recently he starred in some low budget actioners and one of his best performance came with "Hero", a Shaw Brothers production featuring Kaneshiro Takeshi as the leading man. (Universal Laser Disc, modified)