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Limited by space, it is impossible to describe each and every school of Chinese Chuan in Chinese Wushu. Therefore only the most representative and influential schools are dealt with. The origins, features, basic theory and technical characteristics for several dozen schools are discussed here. From here one can gain a general understanding Of Chinese Wushu.

He Quan (Crane Chuan) 
He Quan (Crane Chuan) 

Shaolin Quan(Shaolin Chuan)      Chang Quan(Long-style Chuan)

Tai Chi Quan (Shadow Chuan)      Fanzi Quan (Tumbling Chuan)

Cha Quan Xingyi Quan (Form and Meaning Chuan)

Bagua Zhang (Eight-diagram Palm)

Pigua Quan (Axe-hitch Chuan)      Baji Quan (Eight Extremes Chuan)

Liuhe Quan (Six-combinations Chuan)  Hua Quan (China-style Chuan)

Sanhuang Paochui (Three-emperor Cannon Chuan)

Nan Quan (Southern-style Chuan)    Tongbei Quan (Back-through Chuan)

Xiangxing Quan (Animal-imitating Chuan)

Chuojiao (Feet Poking Chua n)       Tantui (Leg Flicking Chuan)

Hong Quan (Hong-clan Chuan)

Yuejia Quan (Yue-family Chuan)      Zui Quan (Drunkard Chuan)

Yingzhao (Eagle Claw Chuan)

Tanglang Quan (Mantis Chuan)         Ditang Quan (Ground Tumbling Chuan)

He Quan (Crane Chuan)

Yongchun Quan (Ode to Spring Chuan)     Luohan Quan (Arhat Chuan)

Yi Quan (Mentality Chuan)

Hua Quan (Flower-style Chuan)       Lanshou Men (Blocking-hand Chuan)

Ziran Men (Nature Chuan)

Chanjia Quan (Chang-family Chuan)      Mian Quan (Continuous Chuan)

Duan Quan (Short-range Chuan)


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