01-19-2009 16:02

Breathing exercises (qi gong or chi kung) are one of the components the Shaolin Martial Art and breathing practices are united with combat arts.

There is a saying: "Before a foot or hand strikes, comes Breath - Qi which is transferred with blood and is the base of Courage and Strength".

General Requirements

During training it is necessary at first to reach tranquillity which should immediately turn into movement. It is necessary to strengthen the Breath - Qi in the Cinnabar Field - Dantien, to reach self-discipline and fast limpness in a moment. One should pay special attention that the Mind would control the Breath - Qi which should function in unity with the physical force - Li; the Breath - Qi should strengthen the physical force - Li and the force Li should control the Breath - Qi.

As far as the Breath - Qi is concerned, it must not only make the man energetic and his movements natural, permeate the four extremities and impregnate one hundred joints of the human body; due to special practices the body must become light and capable of doing high jumps so that the man could climb a cliff or get over an abyss.


Editor:Yang Jie