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Kung fu generally refers to Chinese martial arts, or fighting systems originating from China. It is a Chinese term that can be translated into "achievement through great effort", as well.

Kung fu to the life

Kung Fu (TV series), original TV series (1972–1975) starring David Carradine.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, subsequent TV series (1993–1997) also starring David Carradine.

Kung-Fu Master, a 1984 arcade game. The Nintendo Entertainment System's version is known simply as Kung Fu.

Kung Fu Hustle, a 2004 film.

"Kung Fu" (song), a 1995 single by the band Ash.

"Kung Fu Fighting", a 1974 single by Carl Douglas.

Kung Fu Records, an independent punk record label.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation, a Japanese rock band.

Kung Fu Panda, a 2008 Dreamworks film


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