01-16-2009 13:04

Traditional Chinese schools of martial arts, such as the famed Shaolin monks, often dealt with the study of martial arts not just as a means of self-defense or mental training, but as a system of ethics.

Wude (武 德) can be translated as "martial morality" and is constructed from two Chinese characters, "wu" (武) which means martial and "de" (德) which means morality. Wude (武德) deals with two aspects; "morality of deed" and "morality of mind".

Morality of deed concerns social relations; morality of mind is meant to cultivate the inner harmony between the emotional mind (Xin, 心) and the wisdom mind (Hui, 慧). The ultimate goal is reaching no extremity (Wuji, 無 極) (closely related to the Taoist concept of wu wei), where both wisdom and emotions are in harmony with each other.


Editor:Yang Jie