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Smiling Chinese girl a hit on new iPhone

Source: CRI | 08-26-2008 15:01

She might have done nothing more than flashed a smile to her colleague testing an iPhone's camera on a Chinese production line. But it seems the colleague forgot to delete her photos, and now worldwide iPhone fans are gearing up to locate her.

A Chinese girl is seen on an iPhone. British Internet user "Markm49uk" said when he unboxed his iPhone 3G last week he found a photo of the girl on the home screen. [Photo: Markm49uk/]
A Chinese girl is seen on an iPhone. 
British Internet user "Markm49uk" 
said when he unboxed his iPhone 3G 
last week he found a photo of the 
girl on the home screen. [Photo: 

The "iPhone girl" frenzy began last week when the girl's photos appeared on, a popular forum for fans of Apple products.

"Markm49uk," a British Internet user who posted the photos, said when he unboxed his iPhone 3G he found a photo of the girl on the home screen, and two more in the phone's photo album.