04-30-2008 11:16

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

As conditions in Tibet return to normal, the region has again opened up to domestic tourism. With the approach of the high travel season, more and more visitors have come to Lhasa to experience the colorful Tibetan culture.

With the approach of the high travel season, more and more visitors have come to Lhasa to experience the colorful Tibetan culture.
With the approach of the high travel season, more and more
visitors have come to Lhasa to experience the colorful Tibetan

Potala Square is welcoming visitors from across the nation.

Tourist Shang Bin said, "I've taken over 500 photos with my camera. I'm going to bring them back and show my friends."

Watching Tibetan opera while eating local Tibetan food is high on every tourist's to-do list. The opera attracts more and more visitors every year.

An Tibetan folk artist said, "We present Tibetan opera and dance for foreign visitors every night. By doing this, we're introducing the ancient culture of the plateau. Foreign visitors like our show a lot."

To take advantage of Tibet's special geography, travel agencies have organized various new travel activities, like mountain climbing and hiking. And motor coach companies have purchased new luxury cross-country vehicles in preparation for May's travel peak.


Editor:Zhang Ning