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FM: Human rights in Tibet best protected


Source: | 04-11-2008 09:08

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

China's Foreign Ministry says the human rights of the Tibetan people are at their best in history, and Tibet has never been an independent country.

China's Foreign Ministry says the human rights of the Tibetan people are at their best in history, and Tibet has never been an independent country. 
China's Foreign Ministry says the human rights of the 
Tibetan people are at their best in history, and Tibet 
has never been an independent country.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu says the central government attaches great importance to protecting the rights of the Tibetan people. She says the status of human rights in the region is at its best. She also notes that Tibet's historical position is undeniable.

Jiang Yu, Spokeswoman of Foreign Ministry of China said "Since the 13th century in China's Yuan Dynasty, the central government has been exercising effective jurisdiction over Tibet. And such jurisdiction has never been interrupted. The history of over 700 years of central government's effective jurisdiction is undeniable. Tibet has never been an independent country. This is undeniable historical truth as well as a common understanding of the international community."

Jiang Yu also commented on the Olympic torch relay in San Francisco, the six stop on its global journey.

Jiang Yu said "During the Olympic torch relay in San Francisco, we saw many exciting scenes, with numerous patriotic overseas Chinese and local citizens welcome the torch relay in very passionate and ceremonious ways. This has fully demonstrated people's sincere support and anticipation of the Olympics all around the world. The Olympic flame will continue its passage, carrying the message of peace, friendship and progress all around the world. This will not be blocked by any forces."

Jiang Yu says nearly 130 countries have publicly expressed support for the Chinese government's stance in dealing with the Tibetan issue.


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