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Chinese netizens find truth on Tibet


Source: | 04-03-2008 09:33

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

Many Chinese Internet users around the world have shown their support for stability in Tibet, and their disapproval of the Western media's perceived biased coverage of the recent Lhasa Riots. Some have contributed to tell the world the truth about the Tibet issue.

This is an individual's effort to tell the world about the real Tibet.
This is an individual's effort to tell the world about the 
real Tibet.

Watch video: Tibet was, is and will always be a part of China>>

We don't know who he or she is. There is only a user name available. From some reports, he may be a young man who was born in China and grew up in Canada, and a man who thinks many Western media reports on the issue are wrong.

We don't know who he or she is. There is only a user name available. From some reports, he may be a young man who was born in China and grew up in Canada, and a man who thinks many Western media reports on the issue are wrong.
We don't know who he or she is. There is only a user name 
available. From some reports, he may be a young man who was 
born in China and grew up in Canada, and a man who thinks 
many Western media reports on the issue are wrong.

The clip's influence exceeded all expectations. After 2 weeks, it has received over 2 million clicks and tens of thousands of comments. Many Western users are shocked about facts that they've never heard before.

Nearly all the pictures and historical materials he uses are easy to access on the Internet. They don't even require advanced search techniques.