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Victims condemn riots


Source: | 03-17-2008 17:11

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

Friday's riots in Lhasa have hurt may civilians living in the city. All victims have been taken to hospital.

At least 10 people in this hospital are receiving treatment for wounds because of the riots. One of them, a Tibetan doctor, was hurt on Friday as he tried to help others.
At least 10 people in this hospital are receiving treatment
for wounds because of the riots. One of them, a Tibetan doctor,
was hurt on Friday as he tried to help others.

At least 10 people in this hospital are receiving treatment for wounds because of the riots. One of them, a Tibetan doctor, was hurt on Friday as he tried to help others.

Local doctor Luosang Ciren said, "We saw a father and a son. The kid was out of breath, with a low heart beat, so we took him in the ambulance. Some rioters stopped our vehicle. We told them we are doctors, but they didn't care. They hit our ambulance and hit us."

Lhasa resident Peng Xiobo and his family were at their clothing wholesale business, last Friday afternoon. All four of their shops were set alight by rioters.

Lhasa resident Peng Xiaobo said, "We heard a big bang and then heavy smoke from the shops. "

Seven family members managed to jump out of the window and escape the fire. His wife has broken her spine. Peng's uncle, and one of his cousins, were burnt to death.

Lhasa resident Peng Xiaobo said, "One of my younger cousins, has just reached 18 last December. She hadn't seen much of the world. She was scared to jump out of the window, she walked towards the stairs, but the stairs collapsed and she was engulfed by the fire.

People from all walks of life in Tibet have strongly condemned the rioters' acts.


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