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Debate between governor and democrat challenger


10-08-2006 16:22

A hopeful candidate for the Governor of California, Phil Angelides, took part in a television debate on Saturday with current governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, hoping to knock Schwarzenegger from his leading position in the polls. Liu Yang has the story.

Angelides, the Democratic state treasurer, hoped to use the event to broaden his appeal beyond the core of support within his own party.

In a series of sharp exchanges, Schwarzenegger and Angelides differed over the state of the middle class, taxes and higher education fees.

Phil Angelides, candidate for the governor of California said, "I believe in a governor who will fight for middle class people and begin end this shift of wealth to those who have the most. I think it's killing our economy, our state, and our country."

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California said, "I think that it is very clear, and I can tell by the joy you see in your eyes that when you talk about taxes, you just love to increase taxes. Let's be very honest about it, you cannot now change tune after the primaries and say all of a sudden you're giving tax breaks. The fact of the matter is you love increasing taxes and you know the things that you have proposed and the things that you've promised is billions of dollars of increasing taxes."

This debate provided the campaign's first direct exchange between Schwarzenegger and Angelides, allowing a format in which the candidates could question each other.

Recent public opinion polls have given Schwarzenegger leads of 10 and 17 percentage points in the governor's race.


Editor:Sun Luying