Congratulations from world leaders 10-16-2003 13:37

President of the Republic of Cape Verde Pedro Pires said: "Cordial congratulations on China's achievement. I hope China will prosper further."

President of the Republic of Cameroon Paul Biya said: "A great event not only for the Chinese people, but for the world at large."

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said: "The launch of the Shenzhou-5 is a great feat. It shows China's space science and technology has reached a very high level."

British Minister for Science and Innovation Lord Sainsbury said: "The United Kingdom's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, would like to congratulate China for this successful launch. He has asked me to say how impressed he is by the dedication and skill of all those involved in this historic mission."

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Tabachnik said: "Wednesday was a remarkable festival for the Chinese people and the launch is 'a great victory' for the Chinese science and technology circle. The launch will open broad prospects for Sino-Ukrainian cooperation in the field of space science and technology."

French Minister for Science Research Claudine Haignere, the first European woman astronaut said: "With China's successful launch of the manned spacecraft, the space age has entered a new historic period."

Bangladesh Minster for Science and Information Abdul Moyeen Khan said: "The triumph of Chinese technology, I would say, is a triumph for the world from which we should learn the high priorities of allocation, even in a poor country."

Deputy Speaker of the Estonian Parliament Peter Kreitzberg said: "We congratulate the Chinese people on the successful launch of their first astronaut into space. This is a historic achievement,"

United States State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said: "We applaud China's success in becoming the third country to launch people into space."


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